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One more down, one to go

Last night I finished drawing Johnny Depp's Barnabas Collins (you can see it on my Instagram, of the same username) and now I'm looking for a decent photo of Johnny as Johnny. It's a little harder than I first expected it to be. I don't want to pick a picture that's too young, because he's changed a lot over the years, but he's gained a lot of weight lately so I don't want to pick a very recent photo because it doesn't look like the Johnny Depp I'm familiar with. I think I found something that's more in the middle, but not too long ago. Of course for all that I know it's a ten year old photo.

Was anyone else shocked at seeing him lately? I don't want to give away what film it was, but he had a surprise role in one I saw not too long ago and my jaw dropped open. Not only was I surprised that he hadn't been mentioned at all, but he looks so different! For a moment I wasn't sure it was him. It was like seeing photos of Val Kilmer since he stopped acting. I get so used to seeing the same movies over and over and actors don't change or age, that when I actually see the real person and what time has done, it's always a surprise. Sometimes it's hard to remember that these are real people. I think that's what I like about going to comic conventions. So many actors are going to them now, that I've gotten to see them up close. Coming up in a few months Tim Curry is coming to Dallas for a convention. He's a good example of someone that time has not been kind too. I hope his health permits him to keep his plans intact for the con.

Anyway, today I'm going to start my last Johnny Depp drawing.

Why does he wear so many hats when off camera?

But I might knit instead. I'm so close to finishing my socks. I really want to crochet my skull curtain, but I have to finish those blasted socks first.