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It's a Dream House!

Slow progress on the doll house. I've got all the walls painted finally. The first set of paint I bought was total crap, and not worth the money at all. I ended up returning the unused paint and buying new paints. Second set worked much better, but still needed multiple coats.

Not having a studio space any more really sucks when it comes to stuff like this. I ended up doing all this painting on the floor in the kitchen and just about every living creature smaller than me had to come over and investigate what I was doing. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to have a cat, two dogs, and a 4 year old girl hovering around wet paint? I kept having to shoo the cat and one of the dogs away because they kept trying to stand on the wet paint.

Once I get the final coat of paint on the last wall of the bedroom, the only thing I'd like to do paint wise is some delicate decorations. I think I might do white art deco flowers, and only paint red ones if my daughter remembers me mentioning it. I have an idea that I'd like to do for the bedroom. The house my great-grandmother grew up in had these lovely designs painted on the walls near the ceiling. I think I'm going to recreate them on the walls of this doll house.

I am a little closer with the fireplace. I've cut out almost all the fake bricks I need. I'm using a series of tutorial photos I found on Pinterest to make the fireplace. I don't have anything for grout, so I might just paint the cardboard a grout-like color and try not to let it bother me. My husband thinks I'm over thinking all this and I need to take it down a notch. Like that's going to happen! Now that I know I can make all this stuff, I want to make all the things! There were so many normal house hold things that I wish I'd had in that doll house when I was growing up. If I had realized that I could make them with cardboard and paint, my mother never would have heard the end of it.

When this is all over, I'm either going to hate making things for a doll house, or I'm going to be obsessed with it and feel the need to make the little fairy house I've been thinking about for the last 5 years. I would have started on it already if crocheting thread didn't make me feel cross eyed.
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The Doll House I Always Wanted, but didn't know I could just make it myself.

Not too long ago I picked up my old Barbie doll house from my mother's old house, she was moving out and needed me to get as much of my old stuff as I could.  I wasn't able to get most of my old dolls, but I was able to get the house my dad made and my mom painted.  He was a carpenter and made my doll house from scrap lumber he got at job sites.  My mom used scraps of fabric for the floor rugs and stitched up some pillows for beds and a couch.  I think I used to use little boxes for kitchen stuff.  Later on I got a big Barbie kitchen that fit, but not very easy to use in the house.

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Missing, folder full of written out crochet and knitting patterns

I started working on my Luna scarf again, and realized that the pattern I have saved on my computer is wrong. It's not an easy wrong, it repeated a row and one of them isn't complete and the other one seems incorrect. I can't locate any of my written out patterns nor can I find my already completed scarf. I have a feeling the version of the pattern I have saved on my computer is the same one that is in a private entry here on LJ. I knew I was still missing a box of crafting stuff. This last move was the worst one yet. I had to reuse so many boxes that not all of them got labeled correctly. My DH is incapable of reading when it comes to labels on boxes, so instead of my crafting and art supplies ending up in my studio, they are buried in the garage. I'm still finding random boxes full of clothing. Yesterday I found a box of ceramics that had been stuck in the middle of a stack of boxes.

The one good thing about having so many random boxes being unpacked, is that opening one is almost like Christmas. I keep finding things I didn't remember having. Unfortunately, I don't have places for some of this stuff so it just lays around and clutters up more space. :(

Edit to add, I think it's not as bad as I was thinking. It was the same in both places, but my lj entry had a better picture.

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So I found a decent photo of Depp to draw, it's not as detailed as I would like, but since I'm working small it'll due. I've gotten so used to drawing just hair and wardrobe that I've managed to jack up his face twice. The last time I was doing so well until I was about to take a photo of it and realized that his face was too narrow and it just didn't look right. I had to erase half a day's work and now there is still a ghost of Jacked up Johnny on the page. Awesome.

I haven't started trying to correct any of it yet. Hopefully it won't be noticeable once I get more graphite on the page. I'm really not interested in starting over. I'm kind of sick of looking at Johnny's face and would like to work on something else for a while. I have a lovely drawing of Gina Torres I'd like to finish. I mostly just have some shading and hair to work on.

I want to get back to my painting of the alien queen too. I did an amazingly bad job on the angle of her head. I really wish I had a good action figure to use as reference. The movie is too dark for all the right shots. I watched a video of one of the action figures being described and it helped a bit, but it still didn't have the angle I needed.