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Last month or so ago, I got the wild hair to by some seedlings and attempt some sort of a garden. I picked up a watermelon, two types of bell peppers, and two eggplants.

I have no clue if I will get anything out of any of them. I can tell you that I was woefully under prepared. My watermelon is crazy out of controll. I looked it up, admitably bit late, and found out that watermelon vines can take over 20 feet of space. Most people end up rigging some kind of trellis for it. I do not have the funds to go buy a trellis. I do have a crumpled heap that was once my gazebo though. We had a storm with high winds that picked it up, carried it to the other side of the yard and left it a twisted wreck. I'm thinking I should use the parts and wire them together with my electric femce wire for a trellis.

Have I actually done it yet? Of course not. I'm not convinced that I'll get any watermelons out of it due to the lateness of planting.

I might have some luck with my eggplants and bell peppers though. Ive got two of them growing something. Unfortunately, they are both covered in bugs too. I still don't have money to go buy anything, but if I did I'd go buy some nemotodes and diatamatous earth. It also looks like I'll need a tomato cage too. One site I was reading said that the growing eggplants can get too heavy for the plant, by caging it fewer bugs will end up feasting.

I also need to do somwthing about improving the quality of the soil. It's bad enough that my backyard is all down hill, but the "soil" is more clay than dirt. I'm actually amazed that anything is still alive, I am horrible at remembering to water.

On a completely random note, one of my friends just mailed me cookies. I have a goal now to always have friends that mail cookies. Way better than friends who never attempt contact with me.

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Funny self portrait with my crazy hat on

Last weekend was Dallas Comic Con Fan Expo. This year the whole family had to go since our local baby sitter is either my MIL or a friend of ours. Well my mother-in-law was in a car accident not too long ago and is still recovering from having a complete shoulder replacement. Her health isn't very good to begin with so Saturday was the first time in months she felt up to watching our kids. That meant Friday and Sunday the kids came with us. I think it turned out okay though. The con had a special "Kids Corner" set up that had a bunch of nerdy crafts for kids to do and a bunch of Lego tables for kids to just build. Plus my oldest (who is 9 now) got to meet the voice actor that does the voice for Ash in Pokemon. Considering Pokemon is his favorite show right now, that was pretty fantastic. She even bent down and whispered in his ear (in Ash's voice), "I think you would make a great Pokemon master." I know it's silly, but I got tears in my eyes from it. When I was his age, my favorite show was Scooby Doo. If I had met any of the voice actors and they talked to me in the characters' voices, I would have been over the moon!

We also got to meet the currant Doctor, Peter Capaldi, who hasn't done any North American conventions before. Two companions were there too, Jenna and Freema. We met the voice actors for Winnie the Pooh, Goofy, and Obi-wan Kenobi. Todd McFarlene was there, and I ran over and bought a Spawn #1 for him to sign. I wish I'd remembered to bring something from home or even bought a second item for him to sign though. We didn't realize it, but we could have gotten two autographs for free since they were included with the price of our VIP tickets. My husband got a comic signed by Frank Miller, but I didn't get to meet him. I went to the Q&A for John Cusack. I still can't believe he was there too.

There were a bunch of other fantastic people there too. It was a pretty stellar weekend. One thing is for sure though, I'm not as young as I used to be. The Monday after all that, I was walking around the house like an old lady.

Perhaps if I ever get less self-conscious about my face I'll get into dressing up in costumes. I've taken to making a Pinterest album of characters I'd like to cos-play. Too bad there aren't any that need full helmets.


Alien Queen painting on Instagram

  • Thu, 14:31: #WIP ~ Well, I got to paint for an hour before my youngest's nap was over. I realized I didn't save any of the reference photos I'd found. Hopefully my #AlienQueen does not have too jacked up of a head. I've got a lot more work ahead. https://t.co/bOfDLzZuor


Garb and Ren Fairs

This past weekend my family and I visited Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival. I knew it had been a long time since we'd been there, I just didn't realize that the last time was before my daughter was born. So this was her first visit, and I don't think my son remembered much of his last visit either.

So to the sewing machine I went. My husband has his garb, so that was good. I've got random things I could throw together and I found my corset after a lot of digging, so that was good. (Squeezing in, wasn't so much fun. You wouldn't think 3 pounds would make a difference, but it's all belly fat, so I really had to suck it in to lace that thing up.) My daughter wore the dress from her Halloween costume that I had made her, so that worked out. However that left my 9 yr old without a stitch of garb to wear. I managed to dig up enough fabric from my stash (stash buster level up!) to sew him a new shirt and a new kilt.

Sadly, I didn't get to finish either up as much as I would like. His shirt didn't have a collar or cuffs, and I would have like to put eyelits and a draw string in it. The kilt could have used some very unperiod velcro to help hold it together and some belt loops. Poor kid had to keep saving his modesty all day. I made the kilt with all kinds of extra fabric, so in theory, next year I can just let it out every which way and save me from having to make yet another kilt. This is at least the third, if not fourth, kilt I've made for him.

I think I want to make my daughter some cute summer dresses and pinafore dresses out of my left over plaid. The stuff I wanted to make his kilt out of, but didn't have enough, would make an adorable little dress for her. We'll see what I actually get to do. I haven't had any time in my studio in ages, perhaps an hour in the last three months. The last time I run up there was while my daughter was taking a nap. My kitten followed me up and got way too interested in what I was doing.

...now I have blue paint all over the carpet.

I've got a pile of T-shirts I need to alter to fit me too. My husband has been getting a ton of subscription geek boxes but many of them don't carry shirts big enough for him. I think he's finally changed them to my size, but I have a stack from when he procrastinated.

I'd also like to make some more period garb for myself. I'm thinking early 16th century German middle class lady. If I'm not going to be wearing my fairy wings again anytime soon, I'd like something that I can be proud of. Plus on the cold rainy days, period would keep me much warmer. I don't think I'm going to go so far as to make as many layers as they did back then though. Texas is not kind to layers and layers of wool.

It looks like I'll be painting some pewter figures for my husband's D&D group too. I have to look into what kind of paints and how much I should charge for that. I did have a lady on Instagram contact me about painting a figure for her too, but I think she changed her mind since I never heard back from her after she asked for my address. It was a mind blowing PM though, because she's a somewhat famous model/fashion designer that I have a slight girl crush on. When I first saw her pm I just about leaped out of my chair in shock! She might never take me up on the paint job, but she totally made my day.

My Tweets

I have a Twitter but never post there. I'm not sure why I got it. However I just noticed that if I share my Instagram pictures to Twitter, they then get shared to LJ. So if you see posts of mine that say "My Tweets" the last link will just take you to my Instagram picture. I try not to post tons of pictures of my kids, dogs, or cat because I feel like that's what my Facebook is for, it does happen though. Lately I've been try to post more pictures I've taken that I like and photos of some of my drawings and sculpted mini-figs, but I'll be honest, there are just some fun silly stuff too. You are all more than welcome to follow me on Instagram (I'm xdragonladyx there too), I love the likes. ;)



My tweets: Morning Mist

The other morning as I took my son to school, it was cold and the ponds we drive past had mist coming up off them. I am a huge sucker for early morning fog and mist. I especially like it when it rises up from water. It's almost as if the spirits of the water are lifting up and dancing in the air.

So after dropping off my son, I got my daughter out to the pond and took some pictures and posted one on my Instagram.